NBA Rumors: Best free agent every team in Central Division should target

One free agent every team in the NBA's Central Division should target heading into the new calendar year.

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Detroit Pistons: nobody, somebody, anybody?

This is the hardest team I've had to make a pick for, thus far. I mean where do you even begin? A 26-game losing streak and counting! I mean there is no end in sight for the Pistons and it truly has left me perplexed. On one hand, I'm trying to convince myself that they should pick up a young free agent who can potentially break out if given a new opportunity.

But the caveat to that is they might have too much young talent on their roster already, and not want to take any minutes away from building what they already have. Also, do they really need another young, inexperienced player and will that help them win? And on the other hand, I'm trying to trick myself into thinking that an experienced veteran is the way to go.

Bring in someone who has been there, and done that. Maybe someone like George Hill, Goran Dragic, JaMychal Green, or Taj Gibson could bring a steadiness and calmness to the locker room that might extinguish some of the inner basketball demons making appearances throughout this tumultuous time. But who knows?

Sometimes you have to take the cop-out choice and that is what I'm doing here, taking the easy road. The players look so deflated and uninterested in playing right now, a shakeup needs to happen, I just can't come up with a legitimate option here since we're trying to use a piece of tape to patch the hole on the Titanic.