NBA Rumors: Best free agent every team in Central Division should target

One free agent every team in the NBA's Central Division should target heading into the new calendar year.

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Milwaukee Bucks: Nerlens Noel, C

The Milwaukee Bucks are the second highest-scoring offense in the NBA behind the Indiana Pacers. Turns out that an offense that has both Damian Lillard and Giannis Antetokounmpo on it can score, who would've thought? Also, what seemed like a barren cupboard of wings the season before, is now full, thanks to the offseason additions of Malik Beasley and Andre Jackson Jr.

Cam Payne makes swallowing the loss of Jevon Carter easier and AJ Green's play hasn't been atrocious. There are a decent amount of forwards on the team, which leads us to the center position, where I see Nerlens Noel being the best available free agent for the Bucks. Much like Justise Winslow, Nerlens Noel is going to be making much of his difference on the defensive side of the ball.

Behind Brook Lopez and Bobby Portis, things get dicey. Relying on a 35-year-old starting big to continue a starter's workload is asking a lot of Lopez. Noel would reduce Lopez's regular season minutes, while also providing similar shot-blocking effectiveness and more rebounds. Noel is going on three years removed from being the NBA's league leader in defensive box plus/minus with a +3.8.

Noel's inclusion on this list is designed to eat up some regular season minutes so that come playoff time, the Bucks' star players have more rest and can contribute that little bit more to win a playoff series and advance. While he won't provide you with much offensively, he does sport a career 54.6% field goal percentage, which is just about on par with this season's current field goal percentage for centers.