NBA Rumors: Bronny James will not enter the 2024 NBA Draft; to transfer from USC

Bronny James has made a big decision that will certainly impact the rest of his basketball career.
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NBA Rumors: Bronny James will not enter the 2024 NBA Draft and will choose to transfer from USC.

Bronny James has made the big decision. It may not have been the decision that many expected him to, but he's made one that will ultimately impact the rest of his basketball career. Bronny has made the decision to transfer from USC. After making a minimal role for the Trojans (averaging five points and three rebounds per game) during his freshman season, Bronny is reportedly entering the transfer portal and, according to his X (formerly known as Twitter) activity, has a few potential frontrunners.

Assuming Bronny is all but confirming his plans to transfer from USC, it appears that a few of the teams he will consider transferring to are Duke, Ohio State, and California. Again, this hasn't been confirmed just yet. There could also be a chance Bronny is using this "report" for his entertainment and fueling the "rumors" with these social media posts. But at least for now, there's a growing expectation that he will transfer from USC.

Bronny James will not enter the 2024 NBA Draft

Assuming these rumors are true that Bronny intends on transferring from USC to another college program, that means he isn't declaring for the 2024 NBA Draft. At this point, it's pretty safe to assume that. With how little he played during his freshman season, it would've been a tough sell to get him drafted, even in what is being categorized as a "weak" draft class.

From a pure basketball perspective, it always made the most sense for Bronny to return to school. If he truly wants to continue developing his game, it's probably best to allow that to happen in college. Not every NBA team has a great developmental system and he's going to get real playing time in college that he's unlikely to get right away in the Association.

I understand the dream of playing in the NBA. And because LeBron is his father, Bronny likely gets drafted in the second round if he declares. But if Bronny is serious about having an extended NBA career, he has to continue to develop his skill set. Remaining in college gives him the best chance to do that right now.

Where will Bronny play next season? You'd have to imagine it's going to be the place that gives him the best chance to get real consistent playing time. I'm sure Bronny and his team will find the right situation that works for him best.

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