NBA Rumors: Brooklyn Nets nearly accepted blockbuster trade offer for Mikal Bridges?

The Brooklyn Nets declined a huge trade offer for Mikal Bridges at the NBA Trade Deadline.

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NBA Rumors: The Brooklyn Nets declined a huge blockbuster trade offer from the Houston Rockets for Mikal Bridges.

The way last season ended for the Brooklyn Nets, it's safe to say that this year hasn't gone as planned for the team. Heading into this season, the hope was that the Nets would emerge as a dark horse contender in the Eastern Conference on the back of rising star Mikal Bridges. In short, that hasn't played out this year. In fact, the Nets have taken a step back this season and are likely going to finish 11th in the standings, one spot outside the postseason.

But missing the playoffs isn't even the most discouraging part of this season for the Nets. What's most concerning for the team heading into the future is the fact that Bridges took a bit of a step back this season. The way he closed last season for Brooklyn, in the 31 games, regular season and playoffs combined, after the trade, the hope was that Bridges would take a step toward superstardom in the NBA. Instead, he's taken somewhat of a step in the opposite direction.

Bridges will end this season averaging 21 points, five rebounds, and four assists per game on 44 percent shooting from the field and 37 percent shooting from 3-point range. However, that productivity is down from his stint with the Nets last season.

And in the midst of a disappointing season from the team overall, including Bridges' regression, the Nets still ended up declining a monster trade offer for him at the NBA Trade Deadline. According to a recent report, the Houston Rockets offered the Nets a monster offer centered around Jalen Green and multiple future first-round picks at the deadline.

The Nets ultimately declined this deal but you can't help but wonder if this is something they may revisit during the offseason.

Can the Brooklyn Nets build a contender with Mikal Bridges?

Ultimately, the Nets must determine whether building a championship contender around Bridges is even possible. He's not a No. 1 in the NBA; that much has been evident this season. But maybe the Nets' goal this offseason is to lure a superstar for Bridges to play next to in the future. That'd be the more understandable goal for the Nets, rather than to build around Bridges.

But if the Nets whiff on luring a superstar, what could that mean for Bridges' future with the team? Bridges is going to be 28 years old by the time next season begins. He's not as young as some of the other emerging stars in the league and the Nets need to figure out a plan sooner rather than later.

The Nets may have declined a blockbuster trade offer for Bridges at the trade deadline but could it be something they end up having second thoughts about in the not-so-distant future?

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