NBA Rumors: Celtics preparing to sign key core player to huge extension this summer

The Boston Celtics are preparing to open their checkbooks once again this offseason.
2024 NBA Finals - Game Five
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NBA Rumors: In an attempt to keep their core intact heading into the future, the Boston Celtics are preparing to give Derrick White a huge extension this offseason.

Fresh off winning the 2024 NBA Championship, it's hard not to begin to think about the Boston Celtics in the frame of a potential dynasty. Returning every core player from their championship roster, the Celtics are likely going to be a heavy favorite to win it all again heading into the 2024-25 NBA season.

Heading into the offseason, the Celtics are going to work to keep the idea of a dynasty alive. According to recent reports, Boston is going to head into the summer with a priority of signing Derrick White to a huge contract extension. With just one year remaining on his contract, White is a natural candidate for the Celtics to either trade or extend. At least for now, it seems as if the Celtics are going to do everything in their power to lock up White.

With the way White has played the last two years for the Celtics, why would they want to let White slip out of their fingers?

If the Celtics are able to pull it off, it's going to prove to be costly. Per John Hollinger, a contract extension for White could end up looking like a four-year, $127 million deal. With something special on the horizon for the team, this is something the Celtics could strongly consider agreeing to.

A potential Boston Celtics dynasty

If White were to agree to an extension this summer, the Celtics core would be all under contract for at least the next two seasons. That could make a three-peat a real possibility for Boston. Even though it may sound like we're getting ahead of ourselves, this is the way the front office has to be thinking heading into the offseason.

With how dominant the Celtics were this season, Boston may have built a roster that could have this type of extended success. There was never a point this season in which it felt as if the Celtics were in trouble. They were never pushed and should've probably swept the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals. And they did all that without Kristaps Porzingis for most of the playoffs.

If the Celtics can remain healthy next season, there may not be much stopping them from repeating as NBA Champions. And if they win two, watch out.

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