NBA Rumors: Concerning update indicates Klay Thompson, Warriors divorce on horizon?

More signs seem to indicate that Klay Thompson could be on the verge of leaving the Golden State Warriors in free agency.
Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings - Play-In Tournament
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NBA Rumors: A concerning update seems to indicate that a divorce between Klay Thompson and the Golden State Warriors could be on the horizon.

After another disappointing end to their season, the Golden State Warriors enter the NBA offseason with the goal of extending its championship window. That could end up being a lot easier said than done, but if there's any front office that could pull off such a move, it's Golden State's.

One of the bigger questions that this front office will have to answer fairly early on in the offseason is whether or not Klay Thompson is going to be part of the immediate future. As an unrestricted free agent, Thompson is likely going to give the Warriors the first option to give him the contract that he's going to be seeking on the open market, but if the two sides can't find a middle ground, it's likely that he's going to truly test the free-agency market for the first time in his career.

According to a recent report, there has been no progress in contract extension talks between the Warriors and Thompson. Even though there's still a month before the official start of NBA Free Agency, the talks surrounding a potential divorce between the two don't seem to be fading. In fact, especially with this report, they're only going to grow louder from here on.

Could Klay Thompson be more valuable to a team other than the Golden State Warriors?

Even in a down season, there are many playoff contenders across the league that would welcome the production that Thompson had this past season. As it appears that Thompson is more and more likely to genuinely test free agency this offseason, the market for him could continue to grow. At 34 years old, with his shooting ability, there's a case to be made that Thompson should be able to age gracefully.

In the right system, which may or may not be with the Warriors, Thompson could still be an incredibly impactful player in the NBA. If Golden State lets him test the open market, there's no guarantee he'll be back with the Warriors. And right now, it's looking more and more likely that a divorce between the Warriors and Thompson is a very real possibility.

There could be plenty of chaos ensuing this offseason. Seemingly, Thompson could be part of the major player movement that ends up taking place this summer. The question is, which side is going to blink first, if one does: Thompson or the Warriors?

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