NBA Rumors: Could Golden State Warriors make another run at LeBron James?

Heading into the offseason, the Golden State Warriors could attempt to make one last big splash in an attempt to extend the dynasty.
Los Angeles Lakers v Denver Nuggets - Game One
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NBA Rumors: In a potential last-ditch effort to extend their dynasty, the Golden State Warriors may be preparing to make another run at LeBron James.

After another disappointing end to the season, the pressure will be on the Golden State Warriors heading into the offseason. The need for a big move, there's an expectation the Warriors will thoroughly explore any and all possibilities this summer. Perhaps one that involves LeBron James even.

It was reported that the Warriors explored the idea of trading for LeBron before the NBA Trade Deadline but that those talks went nowhere fast as neither LeBron nor the Lakers had any interest in such a move. However, it's hard to believe that the Warriors may be 100 percent over that idea.

Heading into the offseason, considering that there's a chance LeBron hits the free-agency market, you can't help but wonder if this is something the Warriors end up revisiting. If Golden State wants to extend their dynasty, they almost have to make a big move this summer. Looking around the league, it's hard to imagine how the Warriors could end up doing that.

That said, making a move for LeBron would go a pretty long way in giving the Warriors the best shot to accomplish that. The problem is envisioning how that would all go down could be challenging.

Is there a scenario where the Golden State Warriors can acquire LeBron James?

LeBron could be a free agency if he opts out of the final year of his contract with the Lakers, but the Warriors don't have the salary cap space to sign him outright. So if the Warriors have any shot of acquiring LeBron this offseason, it would almost definitely have to come via trade.

And for that to happen the Lakers would have to be on board with helping Golden State through this process. LeBron would also have to want to sign with the Warriors. Neither of those two things are guaranteed heading into the summer. Considering LeBron and the Lakers were open to such a move a few months ago at the NBA Trade Deadline, what has changed to alter their respective lines of thinking?

While the Warriors acquiring LeBron during the offseason does make sense from their point of view, I'm not sure it does for LeBron. And unless that changes, it's hard to imagine this type of move happening. However, if LeBron is open to the idea of playing for the Warriors, it completely changes how to view the offseason.

Ultimately, the ball is in LeBron's court. The question is, can the Warriors - or any other team for that matter - pry him away from the Lakers? I'd imagine some will try, perhaps even the Warriors.

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