NBA Rumors: Grading 8 biggest headlining moves from day 1 of free agency

Taking a deeper look at the eight biggest headlining moves from day 1 of NBA Free Agency.
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Philadelphia 76ers bring back Kelly Oubre Jr.

Grade: B

As many expected, the Philadelphia 76ers were arguably the most active team at the start of NBA Free Agency. Aside from the big move for Paul George, which we'll talk about more in depth later, the Sixers brought back Kelly Oubre Jr. and added Andre Drummond and Eric Gordon. All solid moves for the Sixers but I do believe re-signing Oubre was a great move for Philly. This isn't a move that is going to get the most press but Oubre is going to emerge as a great depth player for the team. Not only has Philly managed to upgrade the top of their roster but if they are also able to keep some depth around, there's no question that the Sixers are going to emerge as a real threat in the Eastern Conference.

We still have to wait and see how the Sixers end up building out the rest of their roster, but right now, things are looking up for the Eastern Conference contender. If the Sixers can remain healthy, they're going to be in the championship conversation once again.

Oubre should be an excellent bench player for the Sixers this season. This could end up being one of the more underrated moves of the summer.