NBA Rumors: NBA insider shoots down outrageously intriguing Warriors trade idea

Will the Golden State Warriors make a big move at the NBA Trade Deadline?

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NBA Rumors: ESPN's Zach Lowe quiets down any Klay Thompson trade whispers that were beginning to grow.

It's been a far-from-ideal start to the season for the Golden State Warriors. For a team that many believed would get off to a much better start to this season compared to last, the Warriors have looked like anything but a surefire contender in the Western Conference so far this season. One of the bigger reasons has been the inconsistency of their supporting stars next to Stephen Curry.

Specifically, Klay Thompson has struggled through the first quarter of the season. In 18 games played this season, Klay is on pace to have the least efficient season of his career while being one of the least productive years too. He's averaging under 16 points per game on 41 percent shooting from the field and 36 percent shooting from 3-point range.

His struggles have hurt the Warriors offensively as they don't have any consistent production aside from Curry in the starting 5. In the last year of his contract, the whispers of whether the Warriors should trade Klay before the deadline were naturally growing. It made even more sense considering his slow start to the season, coupled with the fact that he's probably demanding a max extension.

However, NBA insider Zach Lowe quickly put those growing whispers to rest. On a recent podcast, Lowe said he can't envision the Warriors trading Klay, stating Golden State doesn't want to trade him.

Even though there is evidence to suggest that the Warriors should at least consider trading Klay, I agree with Lowe that it's a very unlikely scenario. But just because the Warriors aren't likely to trade Klay, that doesn't mean they can't make another possible big move.

Will the Golden State Warriors make a big move at the NBA Trade deadline?

Unless the Warriors know that they can flip the switch at some point before the postseason, the front office is likely going to have to make a big move before the trade deadline if they're going to be considered a championship contender in the Western Conference.

The Warriors have struggled on both ends of the floor and, again, aside from Curry, there have been very few instances in which Golden State has been able to rely on any other player on the offensive end of the floor. This is somewhat uncharted territory for the Warriors and they need to address their issues if they want to continue to expand this championship window.

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Any big move from the Warriors is unlikely to include Klay. And that's OK, it doesn't have to. But a move may very much be needed.