NBA Rumors: Jimmy Butler could demand trade from Heat if not given max extension?

There could be an offseason face-off between Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat this offseason.
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NBA Rumors: Jimmy Butler could end up demanding a trade away from the Miami Heat if he isn't given a max contract extension?

Heading into the NBA offseason, the Miami Heat has a clear goal of adding an All-Star talent to help expand the Jimmy Butler championship window. However, with just one year remaining on his contract, Jimmy may have other plans. While it's likely he would be on board with the Heat adding another All-Star talent, there may be something else he wants from the Heat first - and that's his money.

It's been widely reported over the past few weeks that Jimmy intends on asking for a max contract extension from the Heat this offseason. While the Heat (or Pat Riely) has publically pushed back on the idea of giving Jimmy a max extension with one year remaining on his contract, it could call for some good old-fashioned public posturing from both Jimmy and the Heat's camp.

As the offseason quickly approaches, a public negotiation could be on the verge of taking place between the Heat and Jimmy.

According to Miami Herald's Heat reporter Anthony Chiang, Jimmy wants a max extension this offseason. That's no surprise. But here's the kicker: Jimmy wants a max extension whether it comes from the Heat or another team. The Philadelphia 76ers are one team that seems willing to give the max extension that Jimmy could be seeking.

Would Jimmy Butler demand a trade from the Miami Heat?

There are many different ways to interpret this situation between the Heat and Jimmy. On one hand, this could be Jimmy and his camp trying to apply pressure on the Heat in order to get the maximum contract extension that he's seeking. On the other, perhaps Jimmy could realistically be open to the idea of playing for another team if that's what it takes for them to get his max extension.

Either way, this is certainly a situation that warrants attention heading into the offseason. Even though it would still be surprising if Jimmy demanded a trade or even if the Heat traded him, at this point there's a non-zero chance that the two sides end up parting ways this summer.

And if history is any indication, Jimmy is a player that the Heat doesn't want to be on the wrong side of.

This offseason could end up being one big game of chicken between the Heat and Jimmy. The question is, which side will end up blinking first?

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