NBA Rumors: Are the New York Knicks out of the Donovan Mitchell sweepstakes?

The New York Knicks may be out of the future Donovan Mitchell sweepstakes.
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NBA rumors: It may be time to consider the New York Knicks out of the Donovan Mitchell sweepstakes that could officially begin during the offseason.

As the league anxiously awaits the next slate of stars that could be on the move or available heading into the offseason, there's one big name that is widely expected to be on everyone's radar in the next few months - and that's Donovan Mitchell.

Mitchell has one year remaining (after this season) on his contract but has, at least up to now, declined to sign an extension with the Cleveland Cavaliers. That has left many to believe that Mitchell is counting the days until he can test the open free agency market for the first time in his career. However, if the Cavs do get the sense that Mitchell leaving is a matter of "when" and not "if," it could open the door to a potential trade during the offseason or before next year's NBA Trade Deadline.

The overwhelming belief is that there's going to be some sort of open sweepstakes for Mitchell, whether that ends up taking place via trade or free agency. However, according to NBA insider Brian Windhorst, he's not sure if the Mitchell to the Knicks possibility is still a thing.

Should Donovan Mitchell still be on the New York Knicks' radar?

When you think of the overall impact that Jalen Brunson has had on the team over the past two seasons, it's not that surprising. In a vacuum, Brunson and Mitchell do a lot of the same things on the basketball floor. Having both of those players, who struggle mightily on the defensive end, doesn't exactly make the most sense.

If the Knicks are looking to make a big splash, you'd have to think that it may make more sense for them to explore upgrades to the frontcourt instead of adding another offensive-minded guard whose game almost mirrors that of Brunson.

No matter what New York decides to do, they'll have options. The Knicks still have plenty of draft capital at their disposal and should theoretically be in the driver's spot to land another star player during the offseason.

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For both Mitchell and the Knicks, the question is, will their futures cross with each other over the next couple of years? Right now, it seems as if it's not a foregone conclusion as perhaps some believed it would be just a few months ago. Heading into the offseason, this is certainly something to keep a close eye on.