NBA Rumors: Predicting 11 Stars that will be on the move during the 2024 offseason

The 2024 NBA offseason could offer some big player movement once again in the Association.

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Malcolm Brogdon, Portland Trail Blazers

Malcolm Brogdon seemed like a natural trade candidate all throughout this season for the Portland Trail Blazers but they clearly had other plans. But just because the Blazers didn't pull the trigger at the trade deadline doesn't mean they won't trade him during the offseason. In fact, I'd lean toward the Blazers moving forward with this plan to trade Brogdon sooner rather than later. Brogdon will be entering the final year of his contract in 2024-25 and I can't imagine the Blazers end up re-signing him by any means.

Brogdon adds more value to a contender at this point in his career than he does to the Blazers. That's something they should take advantage of early on in the summer. The last thing the Blazers need to do is stunt the development of their young guards because they have to find minutes for Brogdon.

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I understand why they kept him around this season but it would be completely unnecessary for the Blazers to continue doing that moving forward into next year.