NBA Rumors: Predicting 11 Stars that will be on the move during the 2024 offseason

The 2024 NBA offseason could offer some big player movement once again in the Association.

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D'Angelo Russell, Los Angeles Lakers

At one point this offseason, it was almost a foregone conclusion that D'Angelo Russell was going to be traded. In the end, the Los Angeles Lakers stood pat and didn't pull the trigger at the trade deadline. Heading into the offseason, with the hopes of landing another star via trade, I'd have to think that Russell is likely going to be moved - either on a decision that comes from him or by the Lakers. Russell has a player option for next season and, at this point, it's tough to predict whether he'll opt-in or test free agency for a second straight summer.

Either way, I think it's safe to say that there are many that would be shocked if Russell was still on the roster heading into next season. If Russell is, either the Lakers completely whiffed on adding another star player, or they really, truly believe in the strides that he's made over the last couple of months of the season.

With the way he's played over the last few weeks, there's a case to be made that Russell should explore the free agency again. Time will tell how it all unfolds between Russell and the Lakers this offseason.