NBA Rumors: Predicting 11 Stars that will be on the move during the 2024 offseason

The 2024 NBA offseason could offer some big player movement once again in the Association.

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Gordon Hayward, Oklahoma City Thunder

When the Oklahoma City Thunder pulled off the move for Gordon Hayward at the NBA Trade Deadline, it was one that was met with praise. However, through his first few games with the Thunder, he's struggled to make much of an impact with the team. It may ultimately take time for Hayward to find his footing with the Thunder but I can't help but wonder if he may not end up making as big of an impact as perhaps some thought he would when he was originally acquired. But if not for the Thunder, there's no question that Hayward, at this point in his career, could still find a contender to make a difference for.

That's why, heading into the offseason, I believe that Hayward likely ends up moving on from the Thunder and explores other options in free agency. Hayward may not be a great fit for the Thunder, even though that can certainly change, but he still very much has some difference-making ability still left in his tank.

Even if he never looks all the comfortable with the Thunder down the stretch, I'd imagine we haven't seen the last of Hayward on a contending team.