NBA Rumors: Predicting 11 Stars that will be on the move during the 2024 offseason

The 2024 NBA offseason could offer some big player movement once again in the Association.
Miami Heat v New Orleans Pelicans
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Tyler Herro, Miami Heat

The Miami Heat are in a similar spot as the New York Knicks. They're going to be a difficult out when the playoffs begin, as we saw last season as they made an unlikely run to the NBA Finals as an 8th seed, but they're also very much going to enter the offseason with the hope of significantly improving their roster via trade. If the Heat is able to find the right offseason target, Tyler Herro is the player that the team will likely have to part ways with.

At this point, if the Heat doesn't make a move this offseason, they'd essentially be punting on the Jimmy Butler build. That's why I ultimately believe the Heat will end up trading Herro this offseason. This seems and feels like the summer where the Heat ends up making an all-in move and it's going to take the inclusion of Herro to get a deal done.

After missing out on Damian Lillard and Bradley Beal last offseason, the Heat can't really afford to whiff again in a big way this summer. The Heat finally catches a big fish as they attempt to complete the job of winning a championship in the Jimmy window.