NBA Rumors: Ranking 13 most impactful buyout candidates after trade deadline

With the NBA Trade Deadline officially in the books, we now shift our attention to the potential buyout market that could arise.
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10. Delon Wright, Washington Wizards

The Washington Wizards didn't make many moves at the NBA Trade Deadline and decided to stand pat on moving some of their veteran players. One veteran that many thought the Wizards would move on from is Delon Wright. Now that the deadline has come and gone, Wright is going to naturally arise as a potential buyout candidate. If he does end up being bought out, there could be a strong market for the backup point guard.

As is the case for many other players on this list, Wright is no longer in the prime of his career but could still be a strong backcourt rotation player for a contender.

Wright may not be one of the bigger names from this year's buyout market but even at this point in his career, he could offer value to contending teams as a point-of-attack defender and a consistent 3-point shooter. Playing a small role for the Wizards this season, Wright is averaging four points on 39 percent shooting from 3-point range. Any team that didn't manage to land help in the backcourt at the trade deadline could look to Wright as a strong buyout option.