NBA Rumors: Ranking 13 most impactful buyout candidates after trade deadline

With the NBA Trade Deadline officially in the books, we now shift our attention to the potential buyout market that could arise.
Brooklyn Nets v Philadelphia 76ers
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9. Joe Harris, Detroit Pistons

After not playing much this season and then not being included in any NBA Trade Deadline deals, the Detroit Pistons waived Joe Harris. That opens the door for Harris to join a contender ahead of the push toward the postseason. At 32 years old, there should be a market for Harris between now and the start of the playoffs. He may not be the sharpshooting threat that he once was, but you'd have to imagine that there will be a team or two willing to ink him for the remainder of the season.

Harris only appeared in 16 games this season as a member of the Pistons, averaging two points per game on 36 percent shooting from the field. Last season with the Brooklyn Nets, Harris averaged seven points per game on 43 percent shooting from 3-point range.

As a career 44 percent 3-point shooter, it'd be surprising if Harris didn't get another opportunity to prove his worth. Any team that is looking for depth on the wing and an additional shooter should have or register some interest in signing Harris.