NBA Rumors: Ranking 4 most likely outcomes for Klay Thompson in free agency

What are the most likely outcomes for Klay Thompson as he prepares for free agency?
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3. Klay Thompson signs a short-term max deal with Golden State Warriors

Klay Thompson and the Golden State Warriors have likely had contract discussions already. For one reason or another, the two sides aren't on the same page. If I had to guess, that probably revolves around the number of years the Warriors are offering. If Golden State doesn't move off this strong stance, there's still a chance Klay could circle back and accept a shorter-term deal with the Warriors to remain in Golden State. That's why I do believe there's still a chance that Klay could accept a one or two-year max deal from Golden State. If Klay isn't getting his longer contract, you can bet he'll be asking for max money over fewer years.

While I don't think it's the most likely outcome for Klay to accept a short-term deal with the Warriors, it's certainly not off the table at this point in the offseason. Even more so if Klay doesn't get the free-agent interest that he believes he should be getting.

I don't think this scenario is the worst thing in the world but considering what Klay may be looking for this summer, it may not be something he's willing to accept at this point in his career.