NBA Rumors: Ranking 4 most likely outcomes for Klay Thompson in free agency

What are the most likely outcomes for Klay Thompson as he prepares for free agency?
Utah Jazz v Golden State Warriors
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1. Klay Thompson re-signs on discount but longer deal with Golden State Warriors

Looking at the landscape of teams that could possibly give Klay Thompson what he wants, that list of teams probably begins and ends with the Orlando Magic. For as good a fit as he would be on a team like the Los Angeles Lakers or Oklahoma City Thunder, I can't really envision any of those teams lining up to maneuver their salary cap sheet in a way that would make way for giving Klay a three or four-year maximum contract.

Once Klay begins to realize that he's probably better off meeting in the middle with the Golden State Warriors, it will make the most sense for him to sign at a discount if that's what it takes to get him the three-year deal he's looking for. In the end, that's how I believe this situation will end between the Warriors and Klay.

When cooler heads prevail, I expect Klay to sign a contract similar to that of Draymond Green from last summer. However, I think a three-year, $85 million deal gets it done a year later for Klay.

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