NBA Rumors: Raptors trending toward trading Bruce Brown at 2024 NBA Draft

The Toronto Raptors could move on from Bruce Brown quicker than expected this offseason.
Toronto Raptors v New York Knicks
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NBA Rumors: A recent report seems to indicate that the Toronto Raptors could be preparing to trade Bruce Brown at the 2024 NBA Draft.

When the Toronto Raptors acquired Bruce Brown as part of the compensation from the Indiana Pacers in the Pascal Siakam blockbuster trade, many assumed that he would then be shipped off to another team before this past year's NBA Trade Deadline. However, that didn't exactly happen. Instead, the Raptors kept him on the roster and that continues to be the case with the offseason on the horizon.

However, that could be changing sooner than later. While there was an overwhelming belief that the Raptors were going to trade Brown at some point before next year's NBA Trade Deadline, I'm not sure many were expecting it to take place early in the offseason. According to a recent report, things seem to be trending in that direction. Per the report, all signs are pointing toward the Raptors trading Brown at or around the NBA Draft. Objectively, that probably makes the most sense for Toronto.

At the same time, with how the Raptors do business, it is a bit surprising to see them not at least begin the season with Brown on the roster. Especially how they approached the Siakam and OG Anunoby trade last season.

Nevertheless, if the Raptors do move forward with trading Brown before or at the NBA Draft, it could perhaps point to the idea that they want draft compensation in exchange for the versatile wing. The Raptors may not want an additional pick in this year's draft but they could want draft captial for the future. As they continue to retool around Scottie Barnes and the rest of the team's young core, that would certainly make the most sense for the team.

Plus, getting a deal done before the start of free agency would give the Raptors even more flexibility heading into the thick of the NBA offseason.

What will the market for Bruce Brown look like?

The big question for the Raptors revolves around what a potential trade market for Brown could look like. While you would expect the trade market for Brown to be strong, it could be a bit shallow considering there are likely many teams that won't want to make a move for Brown that early in the offseason.

With the chance that other big-name All-Star players could hit the trade market, you'd imagine that there could be several big-player teams in the trade market that will want to hold onto their assets until the peak of the trade season is nearing an end.

It'll be interesting to see how the Raptors end up handling this entire situation with Brown. At least for now, it seems Toronto wants to trade him sooner rather than later.

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