NBA Rumors: Spurs already giving Victor Wembanyama too much organizational power?

Victor Wembanyama is set to embrace a bigger influence for the San Antonio Spurs.
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NBA Rumors: Are the San Antonio Spurs already giving Victor Wembanyama too much organizational power?

Victor Wembanyama is a generational talent who is already making waves across the league with his on-the-court play. Heading into the offseason, it seems he's going to take an even bigger role for the San Antonio Spurs as they prepare to officially start building around him.

When asked about his potential involvement in personnel decisions, Wemby made it known that there's a natural back-and-forth between him and the front office. While he's far from calling the shots, there's no question that he does and will have a level of influence on how the Spurs operate this offseason.

And that's not that foreign of an idea. Nearly every other team does this with their superstars. The balancing act is managing the right amount of influence that a superstar carries in a respective organization. What the Spurs have to ask themselves is whether they might be giving Wemby a bit too much influence this early in his career.

Victor Wembanyama is not your usual rookie

The fact that the Spurs are already prepared to include Wemby in potential front-office decisions tells us a couple of things. First, the Spurs are locked into Wemby as the future of the franchise. And it's hard to doubt the Spurs with how good Wemby has looked so far this season. The fact that he's already averaging 21 points, 10 rebounds, four assists, and four blocks per game on 46 percent shooting from the field at 20 years old is pretty insane.

Wemby is still growing into his frame and honing his skill set. His potential is through the roof and this is likely going to be the worst version of Wemby that we'll ever see. That's a scary outlook for the rest of the league. Secondly, the Spurs believe Wemby can help this team win right now. There may still be some learning curves and hurdles that Wemby will have to clear but he's good enough to help the Spurs win now. So much so that perhaps an addition or two in the offseason could help the Spurs make a huge jump in the Western Conference standings heading into next season.

And finally, you get the sense that there's already an established relationship between the two sides. It's come together pretty quickly and that's pretty rare this early into a young player's career.

At least for now, the Spurs and Wemby should be leaning on each other regarding future decisions. But there's a very fine line that needs to be walked on this front. I suppose you have to trust the Spurs to be able to navigate it. But it's certainly something to keep a close eye on heading into the future.

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