NBA Rumors: Surprising contender favorites to sign Klay Thompson in free agency?

There could be an early favorite in the Klay Thompson free-agency sweepstakes.
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NBA Rumors: The Dallas Mavericks may be considered the early favorites in the Klay Thompson sweepstakes.

Over the past week, there's been a growing sentiment that Klay Thompson and the Golden State Warriors are headed toward a divorce. When free agency opens Sunday afternoon, that is likely going to become a clear reality for both sides.

There's expected to be great interest in Klay as he prepares to test free agency for the first time in his career, and he will practically be able to handpick his next landing spot. Where that will be remains to be seen, but there's no question that Klay will have plenty of options. And if the recent reporting is any indication, there could be an "early" favorite for Klay. It may be the Dallas Mavericks, who are looking to upgrade their roster this summer even after a successful run to the NBA Finals.

According to a recent report, there's expected to be "strong mutual interest" between the Mavs and Klay as soon as free agency opens. At this point, it wouldn't be all that outlandish to suggest that Dallas could be the early favorites to land Klay if he does end up leaving the Warriors in free agency. The question is, would Dallas offer what Klay is looking for on the open market?

What the Dallas Mavericks could offer Klay Thompson in free agency

The Mavs may not have much to offer from a financial standpoint but if Klay is willing to take a big of pay cut, there could be a natural fit for the two sides. Dallas could theoretically get close to offering Klay a multi-year contract worth up to $13 million per season. It would be a pretty significant pay cut for Klay but considering contract length and the no-state tax implications, the final number could end up being closer to what other teams with greater cap space can offer.

Plus, Klay would be joining a contender in the West and a team that will be right back in the championship mix. If he wanted to "stick" it to the Warriors, the Mavs would be an excellent potential landing spot for the sharpshooting wing.

Either way, as soon as free agency opens, Klay is going to be one of the most sought-after targets. And it should be interesting to watch it all unfold. If Klay does leave the Warriors, it could end up being the biggest story of the offseason.

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