NBA Rumors: Surprising East rebuilding team to land Tobias Harris in free agency?

It doesn't appear as if Tobias Harris is going to be re-signed by the Philadelphia 76ers.
Philadelphia 76ers v Toronto Raptors
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NBA Rumors: A surprising Eastern Conference rebuilding team could be the favorites to land Tobias Harris heading into the offseason.

In what has become the longest stint in his NBA career, Tobias Harris has become a consistent force for the Philadelphia 76ers. However, as he prepares to test free agency this summer, his time with the Sixers could be coming to a quick end.

Averaging 17 points, seven rebounds, and three assists per game on 49 percent shooting from the field and 35 percent shooting from 3-point range, Harris could be looking for one more big payday. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear as if it's going to come from the Sixers.

According to a recent report, the Sixers aren't likely to retain Harris in free agency. Taking it a step further, this report indicates that there's an expectation that the Detroit Pistons could be the landing spot for Harris in free agency.

Why the Detroit Pistons could aggressively pursue Tobias Harris in free agency

First of all, the interest in Harris wouldn't exactly be all that surprising for the Pistons. Leading up to this past year's NBA Trade Deadline, the Pistons were reportedly interested in a reunion with Harris. Ultimately, the Sixers ended up keeping Harris beyond the trade deadline and the Pistons explored other options.

However, with Harris hitting free agency, the Pistons will now be freely able to explore a move for him without having to give up an asset. Harris roughly two combined seasons with the Pistons as he was acquired from the Orlando Magic before the 2016 NBA Trade Deadline and then moved to the LA Clippers at the 2018 NBA Trade Deadline.

In the time he spent with the Pistons, it's clear that he left a lasting impression. Plus, for a young and developing team, it's easy to see why Harris could hold some value as a veteran difference-maker. Harris could help mentor some of the team's young players and he could work as somewhat of a stopgap as the Pistons work out their long-term issues at the power forward position.

With money to spend this offseason, it's looking more and more like Harris could find his way back in a Pistons uniform. When you consider that he's still going to be just 32 years old when next season begins, this wouldn't be a terrible idea for a Pistons team that is desperately looking to take a step forward in their franchise's progression.

We'll have to wait a few more months until we find out if this rumor has legs or not, but it does make sense on multiple fronts.

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