NBA Rumors: What a Trae Young trade to the San Antonio Spurs would look like

If the Atlanta Hawks decide to trade Trae Young, the San Antonio Spurs are viewed as a potential favorite.
Chicago Bulls v Atlanta Hawks
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NBA Rumors: Exploring what a potential Trae Young to the San Antonio Spurs could look like during the offseason.

Even after electing not to make a big move at the NBA Trade Deadline, the overwhelming belief is that this offseason could present similar opportunities for the Atlanta Hawks. And heading into the offseason, the trade whispers for the Hawks are not just going to revolve around Dejounte Murray.

Since the NBA Trade Deadline came and went, there have been two reports that have essentially said the Hawks could explore trading Trae Young (in addition to Murray) this offseason. First, by The Ringer's Howard Beck and then by veteran NBA reporter Marc Stein.

Adding to those reports is the fact that the San Antonio Spurs, of all teams, were actually talking to the Hawks before the trade deadline regarding a potential Young trade. Seemingly, if the Hawks did explore trading Young this offseason, the Spurs would likely be near, if not atop, the list of suitors.

Assuming that is the case, it's safe to say that there's a very real chance the Hawks and Spurs reconnect this offseason to revisit the trade talks surrounding Young. If so, you can't help but wonder what those talks could look like. Playing the speculation game, we try to explore what a Young trade to the Spurs could look like.

The outline of a potential Trae Young to the San Antonio Spurs trade

When thinking of what a trade for Young could look like this offseason, we must know it would likely be costly. With the way a new trade market has developed for superstars, you have to assume any package would begin with three future first-round picks. The good news for the Spurs is that they have plenty of future picks to utilize in a potential superstar trade this offseason.

As a way to add some icing on the package, the Spurs could also include a lightning scorer such as Devin Vassell into the package considering they may not need his offense in the backcourt all that much with the addition of Young.

Spurs Trae Young

Objectively, without knowing much about what the market could be for Young this offseason, you'd have to imagine this could be the package that gets it done. The Hawks would completely replenish their draft capital with this deal and could keep Murray and/or even continue to jump-start their rebuild by using him via the trade market to add another couple of future picks and/or a young player.

With how good Wemby has looked this season, it wouldn't be all that surprising for the Spurs to explore such a deal for Young. At the same time, the Hawks have to get to a place this summer where they'd be ready to pull the trigger on a deal.

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For both the Spurs and Hawks, two teams that appear to be moving in different directions, this could be a huge, franchise-altering offseason.