NBA Rumors: Is trouble brewing inside the Milwaukee Bucks locker room?

The Milwaukee Bucks are winning now but could there be some underlining problems to keep aye eye on?
Milwaukee Bucks v Boston Celtics
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NBA Rumors: The Milwaukee Bucks are winning now but could there be some underlying problems to keep aye eye on?

After taking a couple of weeks to get their legs under them, the Milwaukee Bucks have seemingly turned the corner and have been playing much better as of late. Damian Lillard is looking more and more like himself and has helped create one of the most nightmarish offensive duos in the league.

However, all may not be as it seems for the Bucks. Even though the team is 15-7 and tied for the second-best record in the Eastern Conference, there could be some trouble inside the locker room.

After a recent loss, some of those potential issues came to the forefront.

According to a recent report by Chris Haynes, after the Bucks' loss to the Indiana Pacers in the NBA In-Season Eastern Conference finals, there was some tension between Bobby Portis and head coach Adrian Griffin.

"Portis quickly interjected and stressed how essential it is for Griffin to structure the offense down the stretch of games, sources said.

As one of the leaders of the team, Portis continued on voicing his concerns. "

Chris Haynes

It's clear that Portis had good intentions when all this transpired but this is certainly something to keep an eye on if nothing else. This may be a common occurrence inside veteran locker rooms, but there's a reason it isn't generally reported. That could be due to the fact that there could be more at play here.

The Milwaukee Bucks' winning is going to cure all this season

Again, the Bucks are winning. And that generally covers up issues that a team has. Losing a big game, even though many don't consider the In-Season Tournament as that, is going to spotlight potential issues that are taking place behind closed doors.

And that's what I truly believe may be happening here. The Bucks are winning so this may not even end up mattering most, but it's certainly something that could end up popping up as the season goes on. If the Bucks aren't careful, this is something that could blow up in their faces in the most inconvenient of circumstances.

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I don't think there should be any panic for the Bucks. At least not yet. But it's hard to simply ignore this type of reporting. Especially coming from Hayes, who just happens to be one of Lillard's "guys."