NBA Rumors: Unexpected Golden State player says he wants to be a Warrior 'for life'

Unexpectedly, Jonathan Kuminga is now saying he wants to remain a member of the Golden State Warriors 'for life.'

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NBA Rumors: After a tumultuous last 12 months, an unexpected Golden State Warriors player wants to be Warrior "for life."

There was a point roughly a year ago in which it was believed that Golden State Warriors forward Jonathan Kuminga was going to demand a trade from the team. That sentiment carried with him into the offseason and to the start of this year. To a certain extent, all the way through to the NBA Trade Deadline when it was reported that the Warriors were exploring their options, including the possibility of trading Kuminga.

Despite the rumors, much of that narrative began to shift. By the trade deadline, the Warriors stood firm on their desire to not trade Kuminga, unless it was for a clear All-Star. In the end, the Warriors kept Kuminga around and he's continued to blossom as a young player.

Even with all the noise that has surrounded Kuminga during his short few years with the Warriors, he's been impressive in his third season. As a part-time starter, Kuminga has averaged 16 points and five rebounds on 53 percent shooting from the field. He's still just 21 years old and there's no question his best basketball is still very much in front of him.

Because of that, and with the progression that he's already made through the first few years of his career, it's easy to see why it could very much work in his favor to remain with the Warriors. And perhaps Kuminga himself is also beginning to realize that.

According to a recent report, Kuminga is now making it known that he'd like to be a Warrior "for life."

"“I would love to just be one of the Warriors for life — and just never change.”"

Jonathan Kuminga

Jonathan Kuminga could be a key developmental piece for the Golden State Warriors

Of course, that could be easier said than done. Especially considering that there could be some big changes on the horizon for the Warriors this summer. But there's also an argument to be made that Kuminga could very much represent a key developmental piece for the franchise moving forward.

As Draymond Green continues to age and with the uncertainty that revolves around the futures of Andrew Wiggins and Klay Thompson, it's not outrageous to suggest that Kuminga is now a big part of this team's core.

And if he continues to make strides in his game, that sentiment is only going to grow stronger.

There could be some big changes on the horizon for the Warriors this offseason. In a perfect world though, Kuminga isn't part of them. The big question is, will that end up being the case?

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