NBA Rumors: Warriors could jump in the mix for Dejounte Murray at NBA Trade Deadline?

Could the Golden State Warriors make a big move for Dejounte Murray at the NBA Trade Deadline?
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NBA Rumors: The Golden State Warriors could be in the mix for Dejounte Murray ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline?

Roughly a week out from the official midway point of the NBA season, the Golden State Warriors find themselves in uncharted waters. The Warriors are currently outside the top 10 in the Western Conference standings and it's hard to envision how they're going to make a big move up in the second half of the season without making some sort of move at the NBA Trade Deadline. For better or worse, it's officially time for the Warriors to make some deep, lasting decisions on the direction of their franchise.

From all indications, the Warriors don't intend on rebuilding their roster. A recent report suggested they have no interest in trading Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, or Jonathan Kuminga. That means the most likely path forward for the Warriors heading into the trade deadline will include retooling around their veteran core. The big question for the Warriors over the next few weeks will revolve around which targets to fully invest in.

In a recent podcast, The Athletic's Anthony Slater noted that Atlanta Hawks All-Star guard Dejounte Murray is a name to monitor when it comes to the Warriors.

How could the Golden State Warriors swing a trade for Dejounte Murray

It's not all that surprising that the Warriors would be interested in Murray. They need to take some of the pressure off of Stephen Curry in the backcourt and Murray is a young, emerging player that could theoretically accomplish that.

But it could be difficult for the Warriors to find a deal that makes sense for both them and the Hawks. One path toward a potential trade would likely have to include Chris Paul's contract or Andrew Wiggins'. Quite frankly, I'm not sure the Hawks would be jumping to taking on either one of those players at this point.

Theoretically, a swap of Brandin Podziemski, Jonathan Kuminga, and Gary Payton II for Murray makes sense. Maybe Golden State throws in a first-round pick or two to make it an offer the Hawks are willing to take. But, again, the Warriors would have to be willing to part ways with two of their promising young players. And there's no guarantee that they would.

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Knowing the Warriors, however, this is a team that is always going to be a threat to make a huge move at the NBA Trade Deadline. And, I suppose, a move for Murray can't be completely counted out.