A decade of drafts: Every NBA team's best draft picks and biggest flop over the past 10 years

Examining each NBA team's best and worst NBA Draft picks over the last decade.
2023 NBA Draft
2023 NBA Draft / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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Memphis Grizzlies

Best first-round selection: 2019 - 2nd pick, Ja Morant, PG

Ja Morant is a high-flying, highlight-reeling dynamo who is an absolute blockbuster television. This kid can soar. Morant puts pressure on the rim seldom seen from point guards. He's becoming a better shooter and he's already shown early on that he can deliver postseason success. The sky is the limit for this guy.

Best second-round selection: 2023 - 45th pick, GG Jackson, PF/SF

GG Jackson might just be the next great forward prospect in the NBA. Jackson oozes with potential - he's got the size at 6-foot-9, the scoring prowess (14.6 ppg last season), and the confidence to be one of the greats. No one expected these results from this kid so quickly, but here he is delivering. Watch out.

Biggest draft-flop: 2017 - 17th pick, Wade Baldwin IV, SG

Wade Baldwin IV played 56 games in three seasons for two teams then fell out of the league after the 2018-19 season. For a player near the late lottery, this is a pretty big flop. Baldwin is out of the NBA and currently playing in the Israeli basketball league.