A decade of drafts: Every NBA team's best draft picks and biggest flop over the past 10 years

Examining each NBA team's best and worst NBA Draft picks over the last decade.
2023 NBA Draft
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Dallas Mavericks

Best first-round selection: 2018 - 3rd pick, Luka Doncic, PG/SG/SF

Luka Doncic is special. The Celtics ran him off the court in the NBA Finals, but there is no denying that Doncic will be a future NBA Champion - he is that good. Luka might be the only current NBA player who could exceed LeBron James' career statistical milestones. He's on another planet and this was the easiest pick of the exercise thus far.

Best second-round selection: 2018 - 33rd pick, Jalen Brunson, PG

Jalen Brunson now plays for the Knicks and finished top-ten in the NBA MVP voting this past season. He parlayed that with a historical playoff run. The Mavs got this pick right. The two-time NCAA National Champion and NCAA Player of the Year has been a revelation in the NBA and his inclusion for the best second-round pick was about as easy as Luka's was for the first round.

Biggest draft-flop: 2017 - 9th pick, Dennis Smith Jr., PG

Dennis Smith Jr. still plays in the NBA, so he has that going for him. Unfortunately, being drafted top-ten comes with expectations and Smith Jr was really just never able to live up to them. It's a shame because his size, athleticism, and potential made it feel like he could be the next John Wall-type player.