A decade of drafts: Every NBA team's best draft picks and biggest flop over the past 10 years

Examining each NBA team's best and worst NBA Draft picks over the last decade.
2023 NBA Draft
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Denver Nuggets

Best first-round selection: 2016 - 7th pick, Jamal Murray, PG

Jamal Murray is a better player in the postseason than he is in the regular season. He has no All-Star appearances, but he does have an NBA Championship. Murray is as clutch as it gets and the Nuggets' one-two duo of him and the guy from the second round is lethal. Never truly getting the love he deserves, Murray continues to be one of the most underrated players in the league.

Best second-round selection: 2014 - 41st pick, Nikola Jokic, C

Nikola Jokic is the best basketball player on the planet and went on to lead the franchise to their first NBA Championship in history. Next.

Biggest draft-flop: 2015 - 7th pick, Emmanuel Mudiay, PG

Emmanuel Mudiay was an uber-interesting prospect coming out of the Chinese basketball league. He opted to go overseas to make money rather than suit up for the SMU Mustangs. Unfortunately, Mudiay never panned out. His positional size and elite athleticism never translated to winning basketball. He was turnover-prone and couldn't shoot efficiently. It's a tough look for a former seventh-overall pick. After two and a half seasons in Denver, he was traded to New York where he bounced around for a few years before ultimately falling out of the NBA.