A decade of drafts: Every NBA team's best draft picks and biggest flop over the past 10 years

Examining each NBA team's best and worst NBA Draft picks over the last decade.
2023 NBA Draft
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Detroit Pistons

Best first-round selection: 2021 - 1st pick, Cade Cunningham, PG

Cade Cunningham's career has not necessarily gone the way the Detroit Pistons would have hoped, but he has still been the best player on the team for the past three seasons. A real case could be made for Jalen Durren here, but Cade has the glamour stats to back up his spot here. He'll need to contribute to winning basketball soon, but for now, he's safe. The sky is still the limit for Cunningham.

Best second-round selection: 2018 - 42nd pick, Bruce Brown, PG/SG/SF

Bruce Brown has had quite the glow-up. Being an integral part of a Championship-winning team will help and that's exactly what he did with the Nuggets two seasons ago. Brown might never be a high-level starter but he easily gets the recognition here.

Biggest draft-flop: 2020 - 7th pick, Killian Hayes, PG

Killian Hayes was waived by the Detroit Pistons while he was on his rookie contract. If that doesn't say it all, then I don't know what will (shrugs shoulders). Hayes was a player whose measurables translated to a better player than he ever was.