NBA Trade Deadline Grades: New York Knicks steal deadline day; Lakers disappoint

Handing out NBA Trade Deadline grades to every team that made a sizable move to improve their rosters.
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Milwaukee Bucks

Trade deadline moves: Acquired Patrick Beverley

Hitting a bit of a rough spot over the last few weeks, which resulted in head coach Adrian Griffin losing his job, the Milwaukee Bucks needed to make some type of move heading into the NBA Trade Deadline. Even though acquiring Patrick Beverley won't seem like a splash move, especially considering some of the trades made by other Eastern Conference contenders, this could certainly be viewed as an upgrade.

If nothing else, Beverley is going to bring some of the veteran, defensive-minded toughness that the Bucks have been missing through the first half of this season. Beverley will give the Bucks an element off the bench that they clearly don't have in the backcourt and could even play some next to Damian Lillard if the team wanted.

Even though Beverley wasn't playing a big role for the Philadelphia 76ers this season, he has had a few bright moments with the team this year. And playing next to players like Giannis Antetokounmpo and Lillard will make his job a whole lot easier.

Grade: C+