NBA Trade Rumor: 5 Risky trade targets to help Bucks extend championship window

The Milwaukee Bucks must find a way to extend their championship window this offseason.
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Alex Caruso, Chicago Bulls

As one of the hottest names at this past year's NBA Trade Deadline, it's not going to be all that surprising if Alex Caruso emerges as another highly sought-after target this summer. As the Chicago Bulls likely prepared for a rebuild, or at the very least a strong retooling of the roster, there's a very good chance that Caruso ends up being shopped on the market. If he doesn't sign an extension this summer, it would be in the best interest of the Bulls to pull the trigger on a Caruso trade.

Though the asking price would be high, and there's no guarantee that the Milwaukee Bucks would have enough assets to meet what they'll be asking for, he's certainly a player that the team should at least explore a potential path to trade for.

Caruso is exactly the type of guard who would fit seamlessly next to Damian Lillard and would take a ton of pressure off of him on the defensive end of the floor. Additionally, the strides that Caruso has made on the offensive end and the toughness he brings every night can't be overlooked either.