NBA Trade Rumors: 1 Dream trade deadline target for every team

As the NBA Trade Deadline quickly approaches, we look at some dream targets.
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Orlando Magic

Dream deadline target: Collin Sexton

At one point this season, the Orlando Magic looked like a team that was going to finish as a top 6 seed in the Eastern Conference. Even though they've faded a bit over the last few weeks, this is still a team that is likely going to factor in the postseason. At this point, it'd be shocking if the Magic didn't at least qualify for the Play-In Tournament. If Orlando solidifies their backcourt, they could be an even bigger threat in the playoffs.

One dream deadline target for the Magic could be Collin Sexton, a young guard who hasn't regained his All-Star status since the Cleveland Cavaliers traded him a few years ago.

What it would likely cost: Considering that Sexton's trade value is not at an all-time high at the moment, I'd imagine that it wouldn't take much for the Utah Jazz to be willing to part ways with him. A young player and some draft compensation should be enough for the Magic to pull off a deal for Sexton. Whether or not they believe he's a good fit for their young core remains to be seen, but he should be in the conversation.