NBA Trade Rumors: 1 Dream trade deadline target for every team

As the NBA Trade Deadline quickly approaches, we look at some dream targets.
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Phoenix Suns

Dream deadline target: Royce O'Neale

As the Phoenix Suns begin to look more and more like the contender most expected them to be from the opening tip of the season, it would be shocking if they didn't attempt to make one more addition to the team before the NBA Trade Deadline. The Suns need depth and probably another playmaker off the bench. One player who could solve one of their issues when it comes to depth and an added defender on the wing is Royce O'Neale.

O'Neale would likely represent a dream (yet realistic) deadline target for the Suns. O'Neale is a role player that could come in and give Phoenix the depth that it truly needs.

What it would likely cost: The good news for the Suns is that it likely isn't going to take much in order to land a player like O'Neale. A future first-round pick and potentially even two second-rounders would likely be enough to pull off such a move. Of course, the problem for Phoenix is that they don't have much to offer in terms of draft compensation. And that could be a problem as the team explores the trade market heading into the deadline.