NBA Trade Rumors: 1 Dream trade deadline target for every team

As the NBA Trade Deadline quickly approaches, we look at some dream targets.
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Toronto Raptors

Dream deadline target: Quentin Grimes

Now that the Toronto Raptors have officially made the pivot toward a retooling team, their priorities heading into the NBA Trade Deadline are clear. They are a team that has to be looking for young talent to build around Scottie Barnes. One player that would fit the mold of what Toronto is now building is Quentin Grimes.

At one point not too long ago, Grimes was considered a young budding star. Now, he's pretty much an afterthought in New York. Grimes would be an excellent dream addition for Toronto heading into the deadline.

What it would likely cost: The Toronto Raptors likely know exactly what a player like Quentin Grimes is going to cost on the open market - one of the veterans that they still have on the roster. And one swap that makes sense for both the Knicks and Raptors is likely something that centers around a Bruce Brown for Grimes (and draft compensation) swap. The question is, would both New York and Toronto sign off on such a deal?