NBA Trade Rumors: 1 Dream trade deadline target for every team

As the NBA Trade Deadline quickly approaches, we look at some dream targets.
Brooklyn Nets v Portland Trail Blazers
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Brooklyn Nets

Dream deadline target: Donovan Mitchell type

The Brooklyn Nets have a strong roster. They're talented all over the floor. However, this team is very much missing a superstar guard. If the Nets are going to make the jump from a talented young team to East playoff contender, it has to start with a star leader. For as good as Mikal Bridges is, he's not a true No. 1 in the league. That's perfectly fine. But it's time that the Nets begin to understand that and have a response to it.

In a vacuum, a dream trade target for the Nets is Donovan Mitchell. But that's not happening. He's not available for trade. However, finding a Mitchell-type at the guard position could go a long way in solidifying this team's standing in the East.

What it would likely cost: If the Nets are going to land a Donovan Mitchell type of guard, it's likely going to cost multiple future first-round picks and possibly a young player or two. Mitchell is not on the trade block and with how the Cleveland Cavaliers have played recently, it would be the biggest surprise of the NBA season thus far if he was traded. That's not happening. But finding a Mitchell-lite player could be ideal for the Nets heading into the deadline.