NBA Trade Rumors: 1 Expendable difference-maker on every team ahead of trade deadline

Exploring one expendable difference-maker on every team that could be moved ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline.

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Golden State Warriors

Expendable difference-maker: Chris Paul

I don't think anyone would argue with the fact that the Golden State Warriors have left much to be desired in terms of a potential Western Conference contender. Heading into the season, the belief was that the Warriors were going to be a real threat to make it back to the top of the mountain, especially after re-signing Draymond Green and adding Chris Paul (as strange of a move that was). However, that hasn't been the case through the first quarter of the season.

Through the first 20-plus games of the season, the Warriors have been one of the most inconsistent "contenders" in the NBA. Looking at their roster, if there is one expendable piece in the rotation, it's definitely Chris Paul. In what was an odd pairing to begin with, there's an argument to be made that Paul should be moved at the NBA Trade Deadline.

Paul is such an unnecessary piece on this roster. And I assume that's only going to become more clear as the season goes on. I'd have to believe that there's a good chance Paul either ends up being traded or bought out at some point before the end of the season. He simply doesn't make a ton of sense in Golden State.