NBA Trade Rumors: 1 Expendable difference-maker on every team ahead of trade deadline

Exploring one expendable difference-maker on every team that could be moved ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline.
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Chicago Bulls

Expendable difference-maker: Patrick Williams

With the way the season is trending for the Chicago Bulls, you can make the argument that they have more than one expendable difference-maker on their roster heading into the NBA Trade Deadline. However, there is one that stands out the most. And that's Patrick Williams, who is a player that the Bulls could end up trading and still find a way to be competitive moving forward with their current core.

Add in the fact that he has the chance to rest restricted free agency this summer and it makes even more sense that the Bulls could potentially choose to shop him ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline. Williams, still just 22 years old, is a player that has failed to live up to his potential. For one reason or another, he's left much to be desired in his development.

At this point in his career, Williams would likely very much benefit from a change of scenery. Quite frankly, considering what he'll likely command on the open market, the Bulls may also benefit from electing to trade him at the deadline.