NBA Trade Rumors: 1 Franchise-altering trade scenario every team must prepare for

Exploring one franchise-altering trade scenario that every team in the NBA must prepare for ahead of the offseason.
Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings - Play-In Tournament
Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings - Play-In Tournament / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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Golden State Warriors

Trade scenario: Trading Stephen Curry

Generally speaking, most great dynasties are over before those inside the organization know it to be true. That could very well end up being the case for the Golden State Warriors. After back-to-back disappointing seasons, it sure seems as if the Warriors are going to try to re-sign Klay Thompson to keep their core intact, while making a couple of tweaks to the roster, in hopes of another championship run. However, that may be foolish of them. Instead of hoping their core can find championship magic one more time before the end of their careers, the Warriors should be looking to the future. One way they could do that is by trading Stephen Curry.

Even though I don't believe it should be the team's No. 1 option heading into the offseason, it's a possibility that they shouldn't completely be opposed to. At the very least, they should be prepared in the event they have to cross that road.

If the Warriors truly pride themselves on being "light years ahead," then trading Curry may already be on the table. This is the type of move that would set Golden State up for another decade of success if executed properly.