NBA Trade Rumors: 1 Franchise-altering trade scenario every team must prepare for

Exploring one franchise-altering trade scenario that every team in the NBA must prepare for ahead of the offseason.
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Memphis Grizzlies

Trade scenario: Trading Desmond Bane or Jaren Jackson Jr.

Coming off somewhat of a lost season, the Memphis Grizzlies will be heading into the offseason with the priority of trying to upgrade the roster around Ja Morant significantly. That could be a lot easier said than done considering the Grizzlies' situation heading into the offseason. For as good as Desmond Bane and Jaron Jackson Jr. have been for this franchise alongside Morant, you'd have to think that if a big All-Star talent becomes available, the Grizzlies have to at least be somewhat open to the idea of making a big splash.

As of now, it remains to be seen if the big three of Morant, Bane, and Jackson will be good enough to compete at the top of the Western Conference. Especially with how much the rest of the conference has caught up as contenders, there's a case to be made that the Grizzlies have fallen a bit in the West's hierarchy.

And the only way that they could make a move back up is if they make a big splash this offseason. The Grizzlies have a strong foundational piece in Morant, but the verdict is still out for Bane and Jackson. Heading into the offseason, the Grizzlies should be prepared for a scenario in which they have to make a big decision regarding the future of Bane and/or Jackson.