NBA Trade Rumors: 1 Franchise-altering trade scenario every team must prepare for

Exploring one franchise-altering trade scenario that every team in the NBA must prepare for ahead of the offseason.
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San Antonio Spurs

Trade scenario: Making a splash for a veteran star

Fresh off winning the NBA's Rookie of the Year award, the San Antonio Spurs will get to work in trying to surround Victor Wembanyama with the necessary supporting cast to help this team take a big step forward in the Western Conference next season. It's already been out there that he considers his winning window officially open. If that is indeed going to be the case this upcoming season, there's no question that the Spurs will have to drastically improve the roster around him.

Heading into the start of the season, one way that the Spurs could effectively do that is by making a big splash for a veteran star player. Even though that's not necessarily the way of the Spurs in the past, they're eventually going to have to do that in the future if some of their younger players don't make the huge steps in the development that perhaps the franchise thinks they could.

If Wemby wants to start winning now, a big splash this summer almost needs to take place. Heading into the offseason, this is a trade scenario that the Spurs have to be prepared for.