NBA Trade Rumors: 1 Franchise-altering trade scenario every team must prepare for

Exploring one franchise-altering trade scenario that every team in the NBA must prepare for ahead of the offseason.
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Washington Wizards

Trade scenario: Trading Kyle Kuzma

The Washington Wizards will likely head into the offseason with the hopes of continuing to establish a young core for the future. That could be difficult to accomplish over the course of one offseason, but the Wizards are likely to have a good shot at finding a couple of foundational pieces this summer.

Especially considering that they're expected to have a high draft pick and could theoretically add even more assets in the way of a Kyle Kuzma trade. That's why heading into the offseason, that's one scenario that the Wizards should be preparing for.

Even though they didn't end up pulling the trigger on trading Kuzma at this past year's NBA Trade Deadline, you have to imagine that this is somewhat of a foregone conclusion. The Wizards aren't likely to rebuild in time to fit into Kuzma's prime window. Because of that, it would only make sense, and it would be in the best interest of both sides, for a trade to take place. If I had to guess, there's probably a good chance that ends up happening this offseason.

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