NBA Trade Rumors: 1 Offseason sleeper trade target who should be on each team's radar

With the NBA offseason around the corner, there are a few sleeper trade targets to watch.
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Houston Rockets

1 sleeper trade target: Jimmy Butler

As the NBA offseason quickly approaches, there remains much uncertainty revolving around many of the driving storylines across the league. However, one particular storyline that it's safe to assume will unravel centers around the Houston Rockets and their desire to make a big move before the start of next season. After taking a step forward this past year, the Rockets will likely head into the offseason with the priority of making another big splash at some point during the summer in an attempt to emerge as a legit playoff threat in the Western Conference next year.

One particular sleeper trade target that could be of interest to the Rockets during the offseason is Jimmy Butler, who after this season will have just one year remaining on his current contract.

With the uncertainty that falls around Butler and the Miami Heat, it's certainly a situation to monitor over the next few months. And if the Heat does elect to trade Jimmy, whether it's their decision or not, the Rockets could emerge as a natural potential landing spot for the All-Star wing.