NBA Trade Rumors: 1 Offseason sleeper trade target who should be on each team's radar

With the NBA offseason around the corner, there are a few sleeper trade targets to watch.
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Los Angeles Lakers

1 sleeper trade target: Darius Garland

As the Los Angeles Lakers prepare to go whale hunting this offseason, all the hype surrounding their potential targets revolves around Donovan Mitchell and Trae Young. Even though the Lakers are going to set their sights high heading into the offseason, there are naturally going to be other potential trade targets that could arise for a team like the Lakers. One of those could be Darius Garden.

If Donovan Mitchell ends up signing an extension in Cleveland, there are whispers that Garland and his camp could pursue a potential trade this summer. If that does come to fruition, the Lakers are going to be viewed as a natural potential landing spot for the All-Star level guard.

If Mitchell doesn't hit the block this summer, it will give the Lakers something to think about as they would likely pivot towards a pursuit of Trae Young and/or Dejounte Murray. Perhaps Garland could be viewed as the next best trade candidate target for the Lakers if Mitchell is no longer on the table.