NBA Trade Rumors: 1 Offseason sleeper trade target who should be on each team's radar

With the NBA offseason around the corner, there are a few sleeper trade targets to watch.
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Brooklyn Nets

1 Sleeper trade target: Zach LaVine

Even though the Brooklyn Nets are not naturally one of the teams that will be facing the most pressure to make a big move heading into the offseason, I'd argue that they are a team that many across the league are going to keep a close eye on. The Nets need to begin to successfully build around Mikal Bridges if they help to re-sign him once he becomes extension-eligible. If the Nets end up missing out on one of their top trade targets in Donovan Mitchell, there's a case to be made that this team will be scrambling to make any sort of move this summer.

If that does end up being the case, one sleeper trade target that could arise for the Nets is Zach LaVine. Even though much has been made about LaVine's tanking trade value, there's an argument to be made that he could emerge as somewhat of a steal this summer.

Especially for a team that just needs to add talent, LaVine could absolutely make some sense for the Nets. It wouldn't be an ideal acquisition, but it may be the only reasonable option if the Nets want to take a step forward this summer.