NBA Trade Rumors: 1 Offseason sleeper trade target who should be on each team's radar

With the NBA offseason around the corner, there are a few sleeper trade targets to watch.
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Dallas Mavericks

1 Sleeper trade target: Bobby Portis

The Dallas Mavericks have been one of the most pleasant surprises in the NBA during the second half of the season. It's almost as if acquiring PJ Washington from the Charlotte Hornets at the NBA Trade Deadline sparked this team down the stretch. Nevertheless, heading into the offseason, this is a team that is likely going to explore taking another step forward with the roster construction.

Even though the Mavs will be exploring the star trade market during the offseason, there are some other sleeper targets Dallas can have in their back pocket. One of them could be Bobby Portis. It seems like his time with the Milwaukee Bucks could be coming to an end and as they look to retool their roster heading into the summer, trading Portis could be near the top of their to-do list.

That's where a team like the Mavs could come into the picture and help take Portis off of the Bucks' hands. Portis would be an intriguing bench player that the Mavs could add to their rotation in their attempts to improve the roster this offseason.