NBA Trade Rumors: 1 Panic move every team should consider making ahead of deadline

There is one panic move that every team should consider ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline.

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Los Angeles Lakers

Panic move: Trading for Zach LaVine

Even though the Los Angeles Lakers have gotten off to a much better start to the season compared to last year, this is still very much a team that remains a big move away from entering the top tier of championship contenders in the Western Conference. The big question that the Lakers will have to ask is whether or not they'd be interested in making a panic move for a player like Zach LaVine, who may end up being the most attainable "star-level" talent on the open market for them.

To some, making the move for LaVine may be viewed as a panic move. For others, it could be viewed as a move that takes them one step closer to winning the championship. Either way, it's a conversation that the front office has to already be having. This is a move that would be costly, though.

The only way the Lakers have to view a trade for LaVine as one that they'd be willing to make is if they envision it ending with a championship. Unfortunately for Los Angeles, that's almost impossible to predict.