NBA Trade Rumors: 1 Panic move every team should consider making ahead of deadline

There is one panic move that every team should consider ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Miami Heat
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Miami Heat

Panic move: Trading Tyler Herro

After a slow start to the season, the Miami Heat began to click a bit when Tyler Herro was sidelined due to an injury. You can call it a coincidence but it's not a great look considering Miami made a run to the NBA Finals without Herro in the lineup as well. It wasn't until the loss of Bam Adebayo that the Heat truly began to struggle again as a team. With Herro set to make his return to the lineup, the Heat will need to answer some big questions about their immediate future.

With no bigger than whether they should or shouldn't trade Herro. As crazy as it may seem, the Heat may be better off with Herro. That doesn't mean Herro isn't good, it just means that he may not be a great fit for what the Heat needs next to Jimmy Butler and Bam. And that's OK, but the Heat must be willing to admit it.

For some reason or another, the Heat refuses to believe that Herro may not be a great fit for the team. And until they realize that, they may be held back by this path. On the surface, trading Herro may seem like a panic move. However, it may be one that is very much needed.