NBA Trade Rumors: 1 Panic move every team should consider making ahead of deadline

There is one panic move that every team should consider ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline.

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New York Knicks

Panic move: Trading Quentin Grimes

Unless something changes drastically between now and the end of the season, the New York Knicks are expected to be a top 6 team in the Eastern Conference. They're pretty much a lock to be a playoff team. However, if they want to be viewed as a legitimate contender, they're likely going to have to make a move at the NBA Trade Deadline for a star. However, it remains to be seen if that star move is going to be available for New York.

But there's another possible panic move that the Knicks could explore at the trade deadline and that involves perhaps thinning out their depth on the wing. One player that could make sense in moving at the deadline is Quentin Grimes. Once viewed as one of the team's best trade assets, I think it's safe that's no longer the case.

Grimes needs a bigger role to thrive individually and after the acquisition of Josh Hart and then signing Donte DiVincenzo, the need for Grimes has shrunk drastically over the last few months. New York trading Grimes isn't the huge move it was just a few months ago, and that's something they should certainly explore at the trade deadline.